Monday, November 8, 2010


How grateful I am to live in such a beautiful place, surrounded by friends who love us, and who support all of our efforts in making a change in our lives when we feel it necessary.
That being said however, I just would like to know why the credit card companies can still get away with frying my brain, very nearly convincing all of us that you cannot do business without a credit card account that my customers can use, and charging me $30.00 a month whether or not I made any sales or not. Meanwhile, Bath Thyme does well in town, face to face business practice where I can actually see and hear the person I am doing business with without the incredibly frustrating, expensive method of cerebral function required to digest and regurgitate all the information that was th rown at me during the long process of setting up my website and making all the arrangements for my theoretical customers to be able to pay for their purchases.
Being the woman that I am, I will turn this anger and frustration into a challenge to not support the robbing of America by adhering to the fear tactics utilized by credit card companies. I will create a customer base that is person to person, not machine to machine, and I will make a very nice living in this manner. By the way, I have redesigned the packaging for the Oatmeal Herb bags, and I now have some soaps available. Let me know how I can be of service. Thanks


  1. Saw your products in Montana Harvest. The girl that was waiting on me raved about them. Nice!!

  2. Excellent! That is what I wanted to hear! Thanks