Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Life and Business

I have worked for someone else my entire life, and I finally jumped off of the fence and started my own business.  Although I wrote my book The Art of Money Management, and published it, I simply have too much energy to sit and write without having some physical work to balance out the intellectual.  So, I have created Bath Thyme, a line of bath products consisting of oatmeal bath bags, milk baths, and bath salts that contain herbs and essential oils that are healing for the body and senses. 
I love learning about herbs and the wide variety of herbs that God gave us for our healing, and I love taking a bath.  In fact, I am in the home I am in because every other apartment that I looked at ten years ago in Bozeman, Montana, did not have a bathtub!  I cannot possibly imagine living somewhere that I could not soak in a lovely, hot bath, especially on cold winter nights. 
So, you can find my bath products at jansplace77,  I don't have a digital camera yet to take a picture of my products, sorry.  But, business is going well with the locals, and I will have images of my products soon.