Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ever since I decided to become an independent and start my own business, knowing full well that an entrepreneur needs to h ave four sources of income, I have been travelling down several roads just to find out really where I belong and where I do not belong. I am happy to say the words that even though I was accepted into the Master of Education program at Capella University, online, that I have declined my acceptance and am devoting myself to Bath Thyme and to writing. It is just so empowering to take control that way. In the long run, going to school for my masters degree may not necessarily increase my earning power any more than sticking to what I h ave already begun, and without student loans to pay back no matter what the outcome. The Federal Government's rules and regulations governing student loans reminds me so much of any credit card company. They do no guarantee any help in finding you a job, but no matter what the outcome of our education might be, they still want their money back as tough we were not adding to the quality of life of our community.
Oh Well, I guess that is the way it is, and the only one I can control is myself.

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